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Tourism in Kailashahar

Kailasahar is one of the most important towns of North Tripura district. There are many places of tourist importance in Kailashahar which makes it one of the topmost tourist places in Tripura. Explore the following tourist places in Kailashahar if you happen to be a tourist here.

Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary in Kailashahar

Rowa wildlife sanctuary

Located near Kailashahar, Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary spreads across an area of 85 sq kms. The site of the present day Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary was chosen initially for having only tall trees with thick undergrowth. The tribal families known as ‘Khasi’ protected these trees. They used to cultivate pan or betel leaves and the area was also common as the perching place for a number of birds. Later when the tribes left the place, the area was taken over by the forest department and the present wildlife sanctuary came into existence.

Biodiversity in Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary

The Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary has many water bodies and lush greenery amidst them which attract many migratory birds to breed on the water bodies. The sanctuary is an exploration ground and study center for botanists, ornithologists etymologists, and wildlife enthusiasts. The sanctuary has plenty of economic plants like medicinal, treat fodders, aromatic, fruit producing trees, spices, oil seed producing trees, and orchids. The sanctuary harbors more than 150 species of birds, primates and wild animals.

Unakoti in Kailashahar


A Shiva pilgrimage located 8 km from Kailashahar town atop the Unakoti hill, Unakoti is one of the most important religious spots of Tripura. Unakoti means one less than a crore in Bengali language. It is said that almost a crore rock cut carvings are found in the place. Unakoti is a famous tourist spot for archaeology lovers as here one can find huge rock cut images and stone idol of Lord Shiva.

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Lakhi Narayan Bari in Kailashahar

The Lakhi Narayan Bari is a famous temple in Kailashahar. The temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna.

Sateramiar Hawar in Kailashahar

Situated 9 km from Kailashahar, Sateramiar Hawar is a revered holy spot for Muslims. It is said about Sateramiar Hawar that once 17 Moslems (Mia) was crossing a big water land by boat. The area was fed by water of two streams- Cherra and Bagua Cherra and the water courses of the stream met in the centre of the field. Suddenly their boat sank in the water and since then the area came to be known as Sateramiar Hawar. Sateramiar was surrounded by aquatic trees earlier. Today area is important for watching migratory birds that come from Siberia during the winter months.

Purano Rajbari in Kailashahar

Purano Rajbari is an old building built in Kailashahar during the time of Maharaja Indramanikya. During this time Kailashahar was the capital of Tripura. There is a large lake prevailing an area of 5 sq km high known as Rajar Deghi surrounded by well planned pole. An old big banyan tree adds to the attraction of the place.

Bhabatarini Temple in Kailashahar

Built in 1981, on the occasion of Shivachaturdashi, Bhabatarini temple is an important tourist spot in Kailashahar. An eco park, temple of lord Shiva and an idol of Buddha are placed near the temple. Thousands of devotees throng the temple during Shivachaturdashi and kali Puja.

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