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About Kailashahar

Kailasahar is the most important town of the North Tripura district. It is the district headquarter of North Tripura. The Kailasahar town is located along the Bangladesh Border in Tripura.


History of Kailashahar

During the earlier times Kailashahar used to be the ancient capital of Tripuri kingdom. The history of old Kailashahar is associated with the religious spot Unakoti. According to legends a 15th generation descendant of king Jujhar Fa prayed for Lord Shiva in a village called Chhambulnagar, situated near Unakoti hill. People later believed that the earlier name of Kailashahar was Chhambulnagar. It was also said that Har (Lord Shiva) lived in Kailash. So the name of the place came to be known as Kailash Har which was later modified as Kailashahar.

Demography of Kailashahar

According to 2001 India Census, the population of Kailasahar is 20,279 where 51% males and 49% females constitutes the total population. An average of 82% people of Kailashahar is literate, including 84% males and 79% females.

Tourist Places in Kailashahar

Kailashahar being an important town in Tripura provides tourists with many interesting spots having tremendous scenic beauty. Among the topmost tourists spots of Kailashahar include Unakoti, Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary, Lakhi Narayan Bari, Sateramiar Hawar, Bhabatarini temple.

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Transport Services in Kailashahar

The town of Kailashahar has a well connected air, rail and road network.

By Air: There is a small airport situated at Kailashahar. Small chartered planes land in the airport. The other nearest airport is Agartala airport.

By Rail: The nearest railhead to Kailashahar is situated at Kumarghat.

By Road: One can reach Kailashahar by buses and private vehicles from Agartala. Regular bus service is available from Agartala to Kailashahar. In Kailashahar buses, autos and cars are the local means of transport.

Emergency Services in Kailashahar

Kailashahar being an important town in North Tripura district, is always prepared to deal with any kind of emergency situations here. Here is a list of important contact numbers of hospitals, police stations, fire stations and others to keep handy in case of emergency in Kailashahar.

Police Stations at Kailashahar

Being a developed town, Kailashahar provides adequate security to the people. From controlling crime to providing security to restoring law and order in the town, the Kailashahar city police fulfills its duty with utmost dedication. Find below the list of police contact numbers in Kailashahar.

S.D.P.O, Kailashahar
Phone: 03824-222216

Police StationPolice
Phone: 03824-222283

Police Control Room, Kailashahar
Phone: 03824-222324

SDM, Kailashahar
Phone: 03824-222218

Addl. SDM, Kailashahar
Phone: 03824-222229

Exec. Engg. PWD, Kailashahar
Phone: 03824-222363

Power House/SDO Elec, Kailashahar
Phone: 03824-222237

Hospitals at Kailashahar

There are hospitals in Kailashahar giving proper care and treatment to the needy people. Below is a list of hospital contact numbers and ambulance service in Kailashahar.

Kailashahar Hospital Emergency: 102

CMO, Kailashahar
Phone: 03824-222240

RGM HospitalHealth
Phone: 03824-222351

RGM Hospital office
Phone: 03824-222221

Kanika Memorial PHC
Phone: 9862215963

Irani PHC
Phone: 9436138952

Kanchanbari PHC
Phone: 03824-263230

RGM Hospital ambulance, Kailashahar
Phone: SDMO-03824-222221(O), 9436465980 (M),9402579596 (M)

Lions Seva Kendra, Kailashahar
Phone: 9436465451/9402358525/9863867437

Kalishahar Fire Station

Find below the contact details of Kalishahar fire station.

Office of the Divisional Fire Officer(North),
Kailasahar Fire Station Premises,
Phone: (03824) 222-357

Kalishahar Fire Station
Phone: 03824-222281

Kailashahar Administration

Here is a list of Kailashahar administrative office.

SDM Office, Kaliashahar
Phone: 03824-222218

Kailashahar Nagar Panchayet
Phone: 03824-222229

Public Utility Services in Kailashahar

Kailashahar is one of the important towns of Tripura and hence the town provides the basic public utility services to the people. Mentioned below are the list of banks, telecom, electricity and postal services in Kailashahar.

Banks in Kailashahar

Banks are one of the most important organizations in Kailashahar helping people in financial aspects. Here is a list of important bank contact numbers in Kailashahar.


State Bank Of India

Address: Kailashahar, North Tripura
Phone: 03824- 222272, 223048
IFSC Code: SBIN0005592

United Bank Of India
Address: Kailashahar, North Tripura
Phone: 03824) 222249

Central Bank Of India
Address: Kailashahar, North Tripura
Phone: 022-22612008
IFSC Code: CBIN0284917

Address: Kailashahar, North Tripura
Phone: 08811036574
IFSC Code: ICIC0002168

UCO Bank

Address: Kailashahar, North Tripura
Phone: 7308474470
IFSC Code: UCBA0002833

Central Bank Of India
Address: Kailashahar, North Tripura
Phone: 22612008
IFSC Code: CBIN0284917

Electricity Offices in Kailashahar

Mentioned below is the contact number of electricity offices in Kailashahar.

Electrical Sub Div-I, Kailashahar
Phone: 03824-222238

Electrical Sub Div -II Kailashahar
Phone: 03824-223100

Power House/SDO Electric
Phone: 03824-222237

Circuit House Kailashahar
Phone: 03824-222279

Post Office in Kailashahar

Contact details of post office in Kailashahar.

Post-Office, Kailashahar

Phone: 03824-222233

Telecom in Kailashahar

Find the contact details of BSNL office in Kailashahar.

Phone: 03824-22300


Exec. Engg. PWD
Phone: 03824-222363

All India Radio, Kailashahar
Phone: 03824-222288

Stn. Director, AIR, Kailashahar
Phone: 03824-222469

Stn. Engineer, AIR, Kailashahar
Phone: 03824-222468

Doordarshan Kendra, Kailashahar
Phone: 03824-222736

Central Excise & L. C, Kailashahar
Phone: 03824-222248

A.C.I.O SIB, Kailashahar
Phone: 03824-222280

National Informatics Centre(NIC), Kailashahar
Phone: 03824-222582

Meterology Dept., GOI, Kailashahar
Phone: 03824-222262

Dak Banglow
Phone: 03824-222201

Pantha Nivas, Kumarghat, Kailashahar
Phone: 03824-261570

Kailashahar Fact File

State: Tripura
District: North Tripura
PIN: 799277
Phone code: 03824

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